Movies with the Most Oscars To Date

Lock down might have locked you in boredom, but worry not! We bring to you a catalogue of movies that has piled up a whole lot of Academy Awards in various genres. Check for yourself why these Hollywood flicks deserved the most prestigious Oscars.

1. TITANIC (Romance)

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No matter how many years pass, this romantic flick will remain an epic in our hearts. With young Leo and Kate as the lead pair, TITANIC bagged 10 Oscars in total. Right from the famous liplock to the ‘You jump, I jump’ scene, this rendition from James Cameron is still as fresh as the day it was released. We’re sure you’d have watched it a million times before, but, do watch it once again coz, after all, it is TITANIC.

2. The Social Network (Drama)

The Social Network
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How would life be without Facebook? Hard to imagine, right? Well, The Social Network is all about how Mark Zuckerberg came up with this idea of a platform that connects people and the hurdles he faced to bring FB where it is today. With Oscars for the best screenplay, original score, and film editing, this adaptation truly deserves a watch. 

3. The Revenant (Adventure)

The Revenant
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The Revenant will always be remembered coz in spite of several exemplary performances by Leonardo Dicaprio, this is the movie that presented him with an Oscar. The actor gave his fullest in portraying a frontiersman injured by a bear attack trying to decamp from a snowy land. Along with the best actor, The Revenant also won awards for the best director and cinematography.

4. Black Panther (Superhero)

Black Panther
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Not many superhero movies perform well at the Oscars yet Black Panther beat the odds not only at the Academy Awards but also at the box office. This Marvel Comic adaptation made nearly 134 crores becoming one of highest-grossing Hollywood flicks of 2018. Come on people, repeat after us, Wakanda Forever.

5. La La Land (Musical)

La La Land
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One of the most sensational movies in recent times, La La Land went on to grab 5 Oscars including the ones for the best actress, best original music score, and cinematography. Though Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone) don’t end up together, this movie is a feel-good musical with beautiful visuals.

6. Toy Story 4 (Animation)

Toy Story 4
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Along with being a blockbuster at the box office, Toy Story 4 also emerged as the winner of two Academy Awards. Just like its prequels, this movie is an entertaining journey into Bonnie’s toy world. A great watch to keep your kids occupied during the lockdown. 

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Written by Jessy Andrews

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