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Hollywood Park – A Glimpse on Indie-Rock’s Mike Jollett’s Turbulent Life!

One of the indie-rock stars Mike Jollett was no new to having a rough, poor life.

Biographies on celebrities are usually adversities and no one craves for popularity or success than people who bloomed opposite to them. One of the indie-rock stars Mike Jollett was no new to having a rough, poor life. He grew up with his mom and brother in Oregon as their dad parted ways from them and poverty and addiction became a part of him.

Later when Mike has his first close pal he sees that: “it’s nice to have someone to joke with about government cheese.”

And this learnt from his book “Hollywood Park” which is quite away from his original mess. In his first memoir he makes sure to confine the ways of finding the forces which helped to refine him. He starts to pen down from the mind of a child and then to an adult who gradually understands his situations in life.

The book witness’s utmost compassion and precise detailing and we can see that his memoir is as good as any others.

Prior to becoming an author or a singer, Jollett was a kid who runaway from a cult. Till he was 4 Mike along with his elder brother Tony was in Northern California kids camp found by Synanon which helped children recover from addiction.

Its chairperson stated that: “Our religious posture is: Don’t mess with us,” its founder once said. “You can get killed dead, literally dead.”

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