Famous Celebs Who Committed Suicide!

When this happens to celebrities it makes us wonder why they take such a decision when they have all popularity and fortune.

Killing themselves has been a constant mental health issue across the world and especially in America it’s quite common amidst the younger generation and age groups above 50. When this happens to celebrities it makes us wonder why they take such a decision when they have all popularity and fortune.

Here are few celebs who committed suicide:

Dana Plato

Being a child artist she was well known for her role as Kimberly Drummond from the popular TV series ‘Diff’rent Strokes.’ She made her debut at 14 and she was loved by many fans. Post the end of the Sitcom she attempted to be a porn star and as well as a feature in Playboy but her dreams were shattered.

Bad luck kept following as she got separated from her husband Lenny Lambert who was her accountant and ran off with her money. Though she looked for him she couldn’t find it as Plato was left with $150,000 and she began to have a major downfall. Due to this she ended her life in 1999 by taking over dosage of prescribed drugs. The same way her son Tyler Lambert killed himself on the same day as his mom in 2010.

Robin Williams

The comedy star Robin Williams was known to be one of the successful comedians in his era. He began his career from doing stand-ups in local bars to gaining a prominent character in HBO specials and later went on to become a major star in Hollywood. But sadly he struggled with depression in the later part of his life and committed suicide in his California Abode in Paradise Gay in 2014.

Marilyn Monroe

The biggest name that Hollywood will always remember is Marilyn Monroe and she was an example of a blonde to reach heights in the entertainment world within a short span. Although she was soaring high in her career in the ’50s her marriages with 2 top celebs and her escaping from stereotype not to be a part of dramatic films made her underpaid soon. It was said that she was under a psychiatric treatment before her demise. She committed suicide by taking an overdose of medicines in 1962 in her room.

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